The first difference with my old games is, now I’ve got some experience, and more skill. I know I can’t try to create a complete game if I don’t have the tools it requires.

That’s why before working on the main dish, I’m making the appetizer (actually, I hope it’ll be better than my real food)… So my current and main project is an editor for a 360 game.

I called it “360Funky”, cause it’s based on XNA and I love funk. Easy, huh ?

It looks like that :

In the menu, “FX Editor” and the different banks are not yet implemented. Currently I’m working on the “Action Editor”. The action editor contains a timeline to customize animation and “events”.

I’ve been looking on the web for a timeline in C#. Finally, I did it from scratch. If someone need it, just ask ! (I did it quickly, ok ?)


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