Hard Corps Uprising !

I’ve got this game yesterday, and man, it makes me remember about the time I spent on “Contra” 15 years ago !! Gooood memories !
Hard Corps is a new Contra  made by Arc System (Guilty Gear, BalzBlue). And, it’s just awesome !!
If you’re trying to finish it… GOOD LUCK. It’s damn hard. You need to stay focus and be ready to face tones of enemies/bullets/bombs (and so on) at the same time.
And the boss are tough…  And when you’re done with one, watch the optional QTE !! Just after I killed a tough boss I got the QTE “Press A to jump” (to survive, indeed), and I failed ! I had to restart before the boss. Holy SHIT.

The game is hard but it’s really enjoyable ! I should be playing it in coop soon. Can’t wait.

I’m still working on my game, by the way 😀


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Trizek says:

    Excellent game, when we played it in co-op we finally killed the final boss of the first level but we have to admit that we failed the second QTE… What a shame !

  2. Axel says:

    Yeah, I’m the worst… Looks like I need to fail at least once for each QTE.

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