WIP : State Machine

I did some testing on animations and collisions and it works just fiiiiine. I should make some videos but I’m quite bored (takes time too).
To check the collision I added a bounding volume to my objects. It’s just a polygon (I convert every concave polygons into several convex one to make the whole calculation easier).

You can draw the collision polygon in the editor, of course (green polygon on the picture). I’m still using place holders. Nothing is done for a real game yet.

Right now, I’m doing one more experiment before my next steps (FX and sounds) : It’s a kind of state-machine editor. I was a bit bored when I was working on different states just to test some actions (idle, move, jump…) so I figured out it could be awesome to make the edition of my state-machines possible through the editor. I guess I’ll need at least three more weeks to complete it/test it/debug it. I designed it on some sheets and it should be useful (and worst case is if there’s a thing I can’t specify in the editor. I will just have to hard code it). The purpose is to handle graphically most of the trivial conditions and events. For example :
– In the state “idle” : “play idle animation” ;
– If “A” is pressed, then “goto state jump” ;
– and so on.

I’m starting to feel confortable using winforms and drawing functions 😀

If it works, I should be able to use it to handle events in levels too (like “if players is … then trigger …”) or even to make state-machines for AI (“if player is in range” then “shoot” etc). Well, I still need time and motivation ! If I can’t make it for april (wooorst case), I’ll skip.


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