I’ve been working on several things these days. But the most boring one is REFACTORING… Since I keep on adding stuffs here and there, I can’t help noticing some codes don’t do the job anymore.
Right now I’m refactoring my Action serialization due to the bones  I added. Before, the actions were saved in the object itself. Now, I can save it separatly based on bones IDs. It’ll make my animations usable for different objects (if their bone IDs match). This is something I can’t really put on my planning. Will I be able to finish this engine one day ? Of course. Don’t ask when, though. 🙂

I started to integrate an other engine for FX : Mercury. Yeah, after working with Krypton I realized it’s better to rely on some external tools if I wish to complete my project in this life.

Here comes a little video about how Krypton lights can be added/edited in my engine. I tried to show other simple stuffs since it’s my first video. But I’ll try to do some more videos to show collisions, animations, state machines and so on when I’m done with animation refactoring and FX integration.

Sorry for the low quality… I added some rotating objects at the end of the video but I just noticed when I “Run” the scene it looks like a glitch due to the low FPS of the video and the default rotating speed I put (quite fast). I picked the worst compression ever to be able to host it on Youtube quickly, I’ll be careful next time. By the way, 4:05 is the best part of the video.


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