I’m not a Game Designer !

Since I’m almost done with my editor (yeah, I say the same thing every month), I started to think about game design again.

What could I do ? What concept could be awesome ? How should I do it ? Man, this is not as simple as it seems.
The more I think about it, the more I think my mind is the one of a gameplay programmer and far from being the one of a game designer.
Since game designers  don’t usually know how to code things, their mind isn’t filled with coding constraints or technical limitations. That’s a point.
In addition, they’ve got their own methods ! We, developpers may learn and study those methods. That’s what I’m doing thanks to a friend from the game company I worked for.
I wonder if I’ll be able to forget the code and think with an unbounded mind filled with non-technical stuff… That’s easy to find a concept filled with crap. Yeah, I found some concepts you would hate for sure !!

I played Patapon 2 again last week… I stopped several months ago cause I was stucked in the level with the desert (you have to use the special item to make the rain fall). I’ve been able to succeed it after the first try. I wondered how weak I was when I stopped. While wondering so I realized how awesome this game is, really. Every little thing in this game is great : The gameplay, the setting, the DA, and so on. That’s my favorite game on PSP so far.

Another difficulty of my concept study, is to prevent my damn brain from creating something that borrow too many ideas from other games. After I played Patapon I worked on a concept and then did some sketches :

Hahaha, I couldn’t help stealing the style of Patapon. This may be the prouf that I’m not only a bad game designer, but also a bad artist.

That’s why I asked a graphist I met on Deviant Art to work with me on a project. I still need to complete the design of the game but having a great artist is a good thing already !

Let’s keep working hard ! I’ll definitely find something cool enough to make you pay for it. Just kidding 🙂


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