Dialog system almost done

Looks like I’m the worst when it comes to following my own planning ! I didn’t work on my editor last week-end and finally I did most of the work in the week. Since I’ll be off for 3 weeks starting Saturday (Holidays !! Yeah, I won’t code for 3 weeks… Strange…), I tried to finish some important tasks.

At first I wanted to do some generic methods to handle text display but in the end I just worked on dialogs… Here comes a little video to show how dialogs work right now. There are still some improvements to do and don’t pay attention to characters’ picture size or display style. It’s just a test. I tried to use different things I talked about but didn’t put in video (Level Event Manager, and so on). I’m sorry for the quality and resolution (4:3 instead of 16:9… fail).

By the way I used pictures from Guilty Gear cause I don’t have time to draw some placeholders right now. I’d like to avoid using other people works in my next videos but that’s kind of hard. But you should play Guilty Gear ! Play BlazBlue ! Play Hard Corps ! Well, that’s all I can do to make Arc System guys spare my humble life. I need to find someone cool enough to lend me some arts usable as placeholders ! The background is mine by the way… Speed painting rules.

You may also notice the frame rate is bad (~45-50), don’t worry, it’s due to the recording soft I’m using (CamStudio). I’m still at 60fps, hopefully……. With 3 pictures and some effects, it would be a shame if not…

I did a video on how does the particles engine work (based on Mercury) in my editor, but I’ll upload it tomorrow… I’m tiired.


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