Having Fun with FX

I added some FX from Mercury (Particle Fx engine) to my character run animation and added a gun and bullets.

Someone asked me if the actions were hard coded. Well, no, it’s not. I’m using the timeline I created before to add a movement to the animation (for example translation interpolation with two points or more). Then I just put it in the player “Action Bank”.

In addition you may use the timeline to trigger events or do rotations (with interpolation). Actually, at first this action editor’s purpose was only to make a tool to animate skeletons (which means I could do a character only based on skeleton animations too), but it’s useful for simple animations too.

Someone else asked me if I’m going to make a mario or megaman like game… No, I think I wont’t. Right now I’m just using megaman’s sprites cause I have nothing else to do some testing. 😦

But still, my engine and editor should help to make any kind of 2D game (plateformer, R-Type like shooters or Zelda like action/adventure games). I did some design for a plateformer, that’s why I’m testing plateform tools. I hope it won’t be too bad.

I should add a simple enemy in one of the next videos.


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