Taking a break !

I’ve been coding almost every evening on my editor for months… Now it’s time to take a little break to do something else… Like… Coding something else !
Actually, I’ll add the last important features (simple enemy AI) in my engine this week end and then I’ll send it to a graphist to let him play with it… Once he’s ready to work on it and I fixed the bugs he may notice, I’ll start my Xbox Indie adventure !! Can’t wait… I just hope I won’t have to look for another graphist (hard to find people really interested in working for fun).

Meanwhile, I’ll keep on making videos showing editors features. And I I’ll probably move my old DS game from DS to a mobile plateform. I tried to borrow a macbook to work on Iphone (yeah, it’s a shame you can’t develop on other OS !), but I should get one for september… So for now, I started to code it for Windows Phone 7. Since I’m already used to working on XNA, it should be really fast. In addition, I updated the game design of  OrsCoL (my DS game) to make a use of the gyroscope for gameplay (but I still need to experiment… Maybe it’ll suck).  Still, it’ll be interesting to give it a try. Give me 2-3 weeks (if I keep the same coding speed) to get something working (took me 1 month on holidays to make the DS version with 4-5 days to learn and understand how to use PALib). It’s a simple puzzle game, by the way… And an easy one to code. My only problem is : I don’t have a Windows Phone to test anything (I’m using the emulator)… Well, if the game looks great, I’ll pay the license and get one or ask someone to test it for me… Yeah… looks like you get it now : I don’t want to spend my money. 🙂


(DS and Windows Phone 7 menu)

New screens soon… Yeah, I used the same characters I did for DS ! Thanks to vector graphics…


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