Game Dev

OrsCoL video

Man… My Internet connection was down the whole weekend… I couldn’t upload the video earlier nor check MSDN when needed, nor check my mails, nor play Gears Of War 3 online with some friends. Then, I just went to a park with people and ended the weekend in some pubs with friends. Yeah, I failed to be a normal no life. I swear : Internet is a drug ! And it’s back ! 🙂

Here is a simple video of the game. It’s still “Work In Progress” but you’ll, at least, get the main idea.

The sounds are placeholders ! Some are really bad (especially the one on level up, huh ?). I hope I’ll be able to get some nice loops and be able to change the music every level (3-4 loops will be enough I think).
The difficulty right now in the Arcade mode is really easy. I’m going to do some tuning to make it a bit harder.
Some bonuses didn’t appear during the video but, in the Arcade mode you may also get a “Time” bonus and an other character. Well, nothing really important there…
By the way, you won’t start an Arcade game with bonuses in the inventory (I did it only for the video’s purpose).

I’m still working on the puzzles (I created 29 over the 64 I need). And I changed some of them since I made the video.

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