So many tiles !

As you may have noticed, the grid is using 10*6 tiles…

I’ve been wondering since the very beginning if it’s a good idea to use this many… And I’ll be wondering so till the very end !!!
I hope the friends I’ll send the game to will be able to tell me if it’s ok or not on device. I don’t want people to use a stylus, haha…

But still… I need lots of tiles to make my puzzles look interesting so I don’t think I’ll change a thing.

You just have to wait for the HTC Titan, buy it, then pay for the game, and finally enjoy playing with your thumbs.
Just kidding… or not 🙂

Well, testing on device is the only way to figure out !

EDIT : I just tried Tessarae on my Ipod Touch. It’s using 9*7 tiles  (with some borders) and it’s still playable. Even if the device and the resolution aren’t the same, I’m a bit relieved !


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