I got the license !

Yeah ! It took time but I got it !

Since I don’t have a WP7 yet I sent the app to friends of mine (Seb S. and Jux). Seb already managed to test it on his phone ! Thanks !!
So far so good then !

Once I submit the game, I’ll probably do it on iPhone. I don’t have a Mac Book though ! But a friend will lend me his. Yeah, I’ll probably buy a WP7 but I won’t buy a Mac Book !!
I just need it to do some dev ! So, thank you Ben for your computer !

But still, I think I’ll wait a bit before starting the iPhone version… So, right now I started working on an other small game on WP7. I  won’t submit it I guess, nor even complete it. It’s really for the fun. I’m using some old sprites I did for a little game on DS (character on the blog’s banner) to make a simple plateform game. Well, I’ll stop as soon as I decided to start the iPhone version of OrsCoL. And once I’m done with the iPhone version, I’ll probably go back to my former project (2D engine and editor for PC/Xbox games). I’m busy ! But I’m enjoying it. 🙂

Old draft I did for the character of the plateform game


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