Submission failed :D

Actually, I knew it… I read something about the requirements just after I submitted the app ! Ok, I’ll read this kind of things before, next time for sure !

In WP7 app, if the user is on the main screen, pressing “back” button of the phone should exit the app. So the developper has to put the exit action on the “back” event !
So I just added the two code lines missing and I re-submitted it. By the way, I also added some other actions : like if the player presses “back” while he is on the puzzle page it will go back to the main screen and so on.

I should get a mac book next week ! Then, I’ll get an Apple license and learn Objective-C.

Right now I’m still having fun with my platformer game… Actually, after some boring designs, I decided to make a simple beat’em all instead… It’s more like run-shoot-jump-run-shoot, you know, just like Contra… But not that cool of course. 🙂

Some sprites samples to get the idea (the arms are on pivot so it’s easy to rotate in game for aiming) :

I should be able to use the level editor I showed previously (the thing I called “360Funky”). I already have some tools to make the dev easy. But the hard part is the drawing, indeed ! I’m ok if I work on characters or enemies, but I really suck at drawing backgrounds. Well, let’s complete some proto first…


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  1. FrancoisF says:

    Too sad you failed the submission, in the last company I was working, they failed plenty of submissions haha (I think its 10.000$ a submission with XBLA if you failed the first one).

    Can’t wait to see you working on that platformer !!

    François F.

  2. Axel says:

    10.000$… OUCH ! Well, hard time for your company I guess.
    And I know I guessed right !

    Looking for a job ? Help me to dev some games and I’ll give you some peanuts. Just kidding !!

    Anyway, you’ll find something better than 2K Marin !! 🙂
    Good luck man !

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