Ready to publish !!!!!!

“Congratulations! OrsCoL has successfully passed certification for Windows Phone Marketplace.”

Youhou ! It’s probably not such a big deal but I’m proud somehow 🙂
I could just press the “Publish” button right away… But.. BUT… I noticed a sound bug and fixed it after the last submission !!!
So I’m just uploading a new version and then I’ll submit it again. But still, looks like I should be able to work on my other projects peacefully soon enough ! Cool !

Oh, I forgot to say I added a simple “How To” menu to explain the rules and tips. At first I thought it wouldn’t be necessary but thanks to Jux for the suggestion. It’s really nice after all.

By the way, thanks again to Seb S. (most of the cool ideas in the game are from him !). Take care man.


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  1. FrancoisF says:

    Nice job !

    That’s really a great work ! It will be awesome when you’ll port it to iOS ([troll]because you’ll finally have clients… [/troll]). If you port it to Android, I will buy it :D.

    It’s sad you have to develop it several times for each platform. It exists some tools to code once and deploy everywhere but it’s expensive, like Corona for instance ( which is 350 $.


    1. Axel says:

      I didn’t know Corona… But still 350$, it’s expensive. No thanks… But maybe I could bargain and get it around 10$ ? Would be great ! 🙂

      I started this game at the end of July so it took ~3-4 months to make the whole thing including art, design and code. So I hope it won’t take more than 2 months to get a working version on iPhone !

  2. Serrano Sébastien says:

    Congratulations dude !!! You did a great job and I hope your game will have the success it deserves.
    (Can’t wait to see the next one 😉 )
    PS: And no, most of the cool ideas come from YOU

    1. Axel says:

      Thanks !! Well if people don’t buy the game it’s not a big deal, I had lots of fun making it and I’m having fun again working on my new game !
      I’ll tell you as soon as I made some working proto !!
      Thanks again for your help ! 😀

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