Now working on a MacBook

“You Are Now Registered as an Apple Developer”

I just got my Apple license. Cool !! It’s all thanks to my friend’s MacBook. Thanks Ben !!
I’m now a MacBook user for few months. It’s weird since I’m the first to say I hate most of Apple stuff and policy… Maybe I’ll change my mind ??

Eh, it took ~15 minutes to get my Apple license.  And it took me more than 1 week to get my Microsoft’s… How lame.

Well, now let’s start working on the iPhone version of OrsCoL. I’ll work again on my beat’em once I’m done with the iPhone. Exiting planning !! 🙂

By the way, OrsCoL is still waiting for the certification… I shouldn’t have modified it after I got the certification once ! I should have published it and make an update right after… Anyway, I hope they will give me the certification again soon !

Let’s play some NBA 2K11 (I just got it as a present from a friend ! Cool stuff !), then learn some Objective-C again.


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  1. FrancoisF says:

    Just admit Apple products are far better than Microsoft ones 🙂 It’s seems that Objective-C is a piece of shit, I really would like to know what you will think about it !

    1. Axel says:

      Yeah, looks like Objective-C is a bit different from the languages I know… And since it’s so impossible to get used to it without learning it seriously, they sell lots of books right now ! I got one…

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