Starting to code the iPhone version

I’ve been reading a book about it, doing some tutorials, and so on the whole week.
I think I’m now ready to code OrsCoL once more from A to Z using Objective-C.

So far, Objective-C is really close to C (well, since it’s based on it, no big surprise, huh ?). Well there are some weird things though. For example, calling a method with parameters :

C# : this.setColor(255,255,255,255);

would become :

O-C : [self setColorR:255 V:255 B:255 A:255];

Well, once you used it once or twice you get the trick and even understand the reason they made it this way. Since you put the name of the parameters everywhere, it makes the code more readable. So it’s not that bad.

It’s a shame we can’t display the list of methods we can call on a specific object in XCode (unlike in Visual Studio I mean… Intellisense and so on). So, I’m using Google to make it easier, but it’s still annoying… Maybe I just don’t know how to do it ? Then, please tell me !!

Let’s code some more lines…
Oh, I forgot something ! I made a trial version of the Windows Phone version of OrsCoL. So if you’ve got a Windows Phone, try it and give me your feedback ! It’ll make the game even better 🙂

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