No, I don’t have 3G

I knew it would happen one day in the far future ! People will forget we once had phones without connection to Internet, for sure… But, today an old woman smashed a part of my theory into dust.

The anecdote :

I booked a tennis court to play with a friend this morning… But I was surprised to discover an old woman and her husband already playing in there. She told me they booked the court for the same hour and to check using my phone. But… BUT… ! Yeah, sure, I do have a mobile phone but the only thing I can access is… WAP. Like I care !! Still, she told me “A phone without Internet, it doesn’t exist !!”. Are you kidding me ?!
In the end, I came back home to check, and of course I was right… But when I came back to tell her, she didn’t believe me and used her smartphone to check (at this moment I thought : “Holy shit, I lost 30 minutes to drive/start computer/check/drive while she could have used her phone in the first place”). Since it was almost the end of the hour, I left. BAD DAY.

But still, I’ll make sure to get a Windows Phone one day, but only for dev purpose !! I’m just one of the people who think about it 3 (4 or 5) times before buying something.

Oh, wait, does it mean I’m has-been and this old hag is not ? 😐


One Comment Add yours

  1. FrancoisF says:

    Insane ! And the Quenelle d’or 2011 go to… that old hag. 🙂

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