WP7 OrsCoL LITE certified

I submitted it last week ! Since my app is already going to disappear from the first pages (still selling 1-2 each day though), I did a LITE version. I removed some sounds, levels and puzzles to make it lighter and it’s free. I hope it’ll make more people buy discover the game. 🙂

The app is certified but not yet published in the marketplace… I guess they are working on it. Can’t wait to see if people like it. So far I had only 2 comments on the complete version (35 sells so far). One “5 stars” from someone I don’t know (cool), and same from a friend (haha).

I’m a bit stucked on my iPhone dev right now… Since my friend’s MacBook is running under OSX 10.5 Leopard I couldn’t install the latest version of xCode+iPhone SDK. I’ve been working using xCode 3.1.4 (the latest version I can put on Leopard). I wonder if I could upgrade the SDK and keep my xCode… But I’m bored and I won’t even try. I lost few days already to find a way to work on Leopard. And of course, I couldn’t find xCode 3.1.4 on Apple’s website. If I were to ask some Apple fanboys about it, they’d probably say : “Don’t look for some old crap, just pay to upgrade the OS or just buy a new MacBook and then just get the latest xCode, and just code”. Apple’s policy sucks. They want you to buy every single crap they make. And they know how to do it. It’s really hard to say but I’m going to buy a MacMini running under Lion. Ouch ! I said it ! It’s so painful ! I still hate Apple though. I’ll try to buy it this week. I’m not kidding, huh ? I already have my license and I hate struggling to get a comfortable dev env. Let’s make Apple glad to make one more victim… And I’ll sell it if I’m done with my dev and don’t need it anymore.


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