I got a MacBook Pro

Yeah, I got it, and I paid 1150€ for it. I’m sure I’ve been cursed somehow…
I hope people who know what I think about Apple won’t read this post, and I won’t tell them either.

I wanted to get a MacMini at first but something I can move is better huh ?

I’ll start over my dev on my new MacBook tomorrow or monday !

Merry Christmas !!


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  1. FrancoisF says:

    Yes we know you don’t like Apple, what kind of mp3 player do you have by the way ? :D. More seriously, the Mac Book Pro si really a great computer, I am sure you will appreciate it for daily use ! But unfortunately Apple dev tools really sucks, I have to admit Microsoft ones are far better

    1. Axel says:

      Haha, you’re right… I’ve got an iPod Touch. And I started to really hate Apple because of that I guess (couldn’t copy files like an hard drive, need to put my credit card info even to dl free app, need to pay to upgrade the iPod, need to convert video to watch them on it). I’ve got an Archos (running under Androïd) for my father, and you do whatever you want with it. Well, at least the iPod’s design is the best. And thanks to it I’ll be able to do some testing on it.
      Merry Xmas man 😉

  2. marcgg says:

    Han! I also got a new MBP a couple of days ago ^^

    1. Axel says:

      Ah, cool ! I’ve been using it for a couple of days now, and it’s really nice (at least for dev purpose)… Well, it’s not your first MacBook, you know what it’s like better than I do 😀

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