Game Dev

Work in progress !!

I’ve been working on the iPhone version for a while now…

I took a small break and I’m back to finish it ! Let’s say I did 70% of the game. Man, doing a game once is long, for sure…
Doing it twice is boring as hell and you always want to make it better. That’s why it’s taking so much time.

In addition, I got stuck doing some optim’ to make the game work fine on my iPod Touch (v2). I guess it would be faster on iPhone 3 or 4.

Anyway I did some changes to make the whole thing playable on my iPod so now it’s ok.

So far, I did new tiles, new traps (a friend told me the red cross was lame so I changed it into a rock), I added transitions in the menus. The arcade mode is done too (easy and crazy modes). Now, I just have to do the puzzle mode, the achievements and a leader board. Then, I’ll submit and work on something else.

Well… I’m not done yet.

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