Game Dev

OrsCoL submitted on iOS

I’m done… It was sooo long… But I did it !

I’m now waiting for the approval ! I heard it takes ~1 week. Well, just like on Windows Phone.

By the way, this version is faaar better than the Windows Phone one.
Really, I put some effort to do some extra devs and arts. And I used the Apple Game Center to add a leaderboard too, cool stuff.

I hope you’ll like it (if you try it, huh ?).

But now… What do I do ??! My old boring evenings are back ! I missed them…..
Well, at least, I won’t be fixing some bugs or complete features around 2AM.

I won’t be coding for 2-3 weeks and then I’ll start a new project probably. I’m not yet sure what it’ll be, but it won’t be a puzzle game.
Right now I still have 2 uncompleted but interesting projects :
– my 2D engine/editor : I tried it again earlier… I didn’t remember it was so cool. Really, I’m glad. I could make something nice if put some effort.
– my 2D plateform game with rollers : Well, I just did some design… And since it’s most likely a game for mobile I won’t be able to use my editor (for PC/Xbox360).

And a friend asked me to work with him on a small 3D project… It could be interesting and we could make a better game than I could on my own.
But if I don’t like the ideas, I won’t make it.

Well, I’ll see after my break…

See you soon on the App Store 🙂

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