Get OrsCoL from your AppStore already !

OrsCoL is on sale since last friday ! You may find it there :

Now, I need to find a way to do some advertisement to prevent my game from disappearing already !
It’s really hard to make people know your creations. Well, at least, the self-satisfaction you get once you complete something is great !

I’m still thinking about the game I’ll do next…

But this week I’ll be working on something really easy to code for a contest. I need to submit the entry by the end of the week.
A friend asked me to work with him. Well, we don’t have to make a demo but I’ll try to make one. I know I said I wouldn’t code for 2-3 weeks…
But we just have one week to submit something…

Here is a first pic :

Maybe you guessed what it’s about already, huh ?

Let’s make some game design and a proto !

And don’t forget :

Tell your friends it’s the best game you ever played to. Haha. And don’t forget to rate it ! 🙂


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