Re-factoring is sooo boring, but it’s so important !

I’m digging in my engine code more and more and it’s a real pain to make changes !
I’m trying to make it toolkit-able  so that I can add some new core classes to the engine without even changing the engine itself.
It could be great if I intend to share the engine one day. People could add their classes to the engine (without being able to change it directly), and then they use it through the editor.
It’s important for me too because I realized it would be bad to change the engine directly only to make my roller game.

Well, let’s add that, and continue re-factoring.

In the other hand, I’m trying to make some design for my roller game… “Trying” huh ? Because so far, the only thing I know for sure is I’d like to make something twisted with a character with pink hair and rollers. Yeah right.


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