Working on a new iOS game

My engine is a bit better now ! I’ll probably add a bezier curves editor and do some collision detection.

But I decided to put my roller game aside once more and focus on a new iOS game. Actually I didn’t intend to share the roller game in the first place.
And it would have been nice to make it using the engine. But since I still have my iOS licence for the moment, I felt like making a new game on iOS to share  isn’t bad either.
I could do a roller game on iOS though, but I got an other simple idea. Anyway, the design I did so far for the roller game is so bad it’s not worth spending time on it right now.

This said, it brings back old memories of when I got Jet Set Radio Future on Xbox ten years ago !! I loved it so much I started a game with rollers later on DS.
I named it “Rollerz” and I shared  a simple demo in 2008. You could only move the character, break, jump, touch the screen with the stylus to shoot and use a blade when drawing an arc with the stylus.
You may still find it on some homebrew websites (here for example). Since then I kept in mind this idea, so even if I postpone it again, I’ll definitely make this game one day using the same character.

So I’ll be coding 4-5 months to make a brand new game on iOS. It won’t be a puzzle game. And I’ll try to use my engine’s editor to make most of the data : level design, state machines, animations and so on. It’s based on XML files anyway. I could make it reusable for iOS spending some weeks. Then, I’ll make a proto with placeholders. I hope I’ll be able to find someone interested to work on the graph. Worst case I’ll do it myself, huh ? That’s the plan !

Note that I mentioned I should be working on a game with a friend starting end of June, huh ? Well, I don’t know yet what I’m going to say ! It’ll probably depend on how is evolving my own project.

One thing is sure… Right now : I’m coding.


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  1. Ha Jet Set Radio, my favourite game of all times ! By the way the remake of the Dreamcast version should arrive soon on XBLA. Can’t wait to see your new iOS game 🙂 (though I would advise you to take a look at Unity dude, so easy to use and you can deploy on iOS and Android in one click 🙂 ). Good luck !

    1. Axel says:

      Yeah, since I never played the first Jet Set Radio on Dreamcast I’ll get the remake for sure ! I’ll probably try to use Unity one day but for now I feel like making a game from scratch. It’s really fun this way too ! Of course with Unity I guess It’d take less time and the whole game could be better but I really enjoy challenges. I learn more things this way 😉

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