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About the next project

I’ve been working on it lately, then took a small break (promoting OrsCoL..) and now I’m back on track !

First of all, the main new thing I decided is I won’t ask for a graphist on this project either, after all.
I know what I want to achieve, and I know what I can/can’t do. And I won’t find a graphist with the same motivation as mine.
If it means the game won’t have awesome graphism or will take longer to make, it’s not a big deal. I do games for fun anyway.

In addition, it could be a great opportunity to train my drawing skills and learn even more stuff.

Before that, I still have lots of things to do to make my engine usable for the iOS version of the game but I’m confident about it.
I don’t intend to make a huge game so it should be ok.

Here comes the main character : (At least, a first version)

Actually, I just picked up one of the characters I created few years ago (see on the right side of the blog). Let’s call him “Volt”.
I look forward to seeing this character moving, jumping, dashing, and shooting !!! Well I said all the possible actions. Haha.

Now, let’s work !

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