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Simple run animation


I’m drawing what could be the character’s animations. It’s quite interesting.
It’s the first time I do this kind of stuff…

Here is the simple run animation for Volt.

Actually the arm won’t be on the same image since I’ll have to be able to put and rotate an arm holding a weapon…

Feel free to use this sprite-sheet as a placeholder if you need one !

Right now I’m doing the “jump”… It’ll be a Contra/Sonic like jump so it should be easier 😀

40 thoughts on “Simple run animation

  1. Hi Axel, I’m writing a Chinese Cocos2D Animation class tutorial using your drawing, I’ll let you know when the article is published on my blog, thanks for your kindness sharing !

    1. Hi, well you may use it only for tutorial purpose or as a placeholder (to be able to do some testing before you actually make your own sprite). It’s going to be part of my own game so I can’t let this appear in other game so far.
      Good luck 🙂

  2. Hi Axel
    I love you work on Volt & recently used it as part of a Uni Assignment where I had to develop a 2D game… i would love you to have a look an tell me what you think of how it turned out? if your interested?
    Oh btw your sprites were only & would only be used for the purpose of my assignment, but Thank you for helping me make it look cool by using your art/sprites… I even maintained Volt & MADtowers namers in homage to your work! so thank you again

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment.
      Yeah, I’d be soo happy to see what you did for your Uni assignment ! 🙂
      You could even ask me for extra animations if needed.
      Anyway, I’m glad you liked it.

      1. Cool I’ll see what I can sort out for you Axel… 🙂
        oh n since you mention it, I would have loved an end of level boss Animation of some sort… firing projectiles into the air that are guided (in game AI) to hunt down Volt… that would have been sweet! 😉

  3. Hi name is Oscar and i’m from Colombia…I’m working on a videogame for some platforms and I’ll like to know if you wanna work with us making 2 characters that we need to create te game….if you´re agree let me know…you only need to create the 2 characters and we’ll let you be in the credits 🙂 have a nice day bro. take care and excellent work.

    1. Hey there, sorry for the delay !
      Well you can use it but please at least credit me and the blog. Thanks.
      Since I’m not that active right now it’s ok.

      1. Hey Axel, May you post the idle animation for volt i would love for him to take part in my school assignment

      2. Yeah i would really like this in my school assignment so if you post the idle asap i would love you forever

      3. Lol, I’d like to post it but I’m on a business trip in India. All my sprites are on my personal computer in France.. Sorry. I should be back on Sunday.

  4. Hey Axel.
    i love your work.
    i want to use your character in my new android game.the game will publish on android app store.
    can i use it?
    i will mention you in the game and game description.
    please allow me.

  5. Axel are u there bro¿? I like your amazing job, i know a little bit about desing but i would like desing something like your work, can you tell me with which program do you make this desing? Please answer me, i really like your job.

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