Game Dev

Animation try

Well, I just tried to put some animations together to get something moving.
There are a lot of tweaks to do to make the whole thing better (gravity, anim speed), but I think it’s enough to get started.

(sorry for the sound from my microphone…)

To make this exemple, I just added the spritesheets in my engine, then I added some collision map and did some state machines ! I didn’t code a single line !

It means if I want to port this on iOS I need to code the core of my engine once more.  It’s such a pain. But I’ll have to… It’s not the top priority right now though.

4 thoughts on “Animation try

  1. I’m really impressed by your drawing and animation skills dude, their are comparable to your frag-stealing-at-Halo skill, very impressive 🙂 I can’t wait to see some more !

    1. Haha, “frag-stealing-at-Halo skills”… It’s not “stealing”, it’s “sharing”. We’re a team, don’t we ? Ok, forget about the hammer 🙂

      Anyway, thanks !! I hope I’ll be able to complete this game. It’s hard to make a game alone (and only on spare time), really.

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