What about monsters ?

A friend asked me that earlier, wondering if I started to work on the monsters the player will have to beat in the game.
Well, I started to do some sketches few weeks ago, but I’m not yet satisfied so I’ll work on it again later :

Now I try to give names to the things I draw… It helps me to order my thoughts on sheets of paper. I like the “MAD Tower” so I think I’ll keep it and make its sprites soon. The last one reminds me a ball in Hard Corps Uprising but it could be nice too…

Bigger monsters… I don’t really like those 2 actually…

I have some more to complete. I’ll post them later !

Anyway, I know what kind of monsters I’ll put in the game. Most (or all ?) of them are robots actually. I know, as well, what kind of setting I’ll try to draw for some levels.
Now, the only thing I need is : TIME.


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