Oh, come on ! Buy Darksiders !!

Heard the news ? Crytek won’t pay for Darksiders. Holy crap !

Someone has to save this game. Come on, Joe Madureira worked on the project ! Did they forget ?!
Did they forget Joe Madureira is so great people have to buy his games/comics, witness his talent and kneel before his gorgeous artworks ? 😦

Haha, truth is I love Joe Madureira’s work since middle school. Did I mentioned it in an old post ? Yeah, true enough !

Man, if people were to break into my house and steal some stuff of mine, I would probably look for :

1. My basses ;
2. My Joe Madureira artbooks & comics ;
3. My computers (I got multiple copies of my projects so it’s ok, take it ! The Mac is on the desk, on the left when you enter my room… Have fnu) ;
4. Oh wait. My multiple copies…

My precious artbooks : (I had to put them on the ground to take the picture, so you’d better be happy I did that for you)


It was a pain to get the first one !! Some people were selling it more than 500€ on Amazon last year. But hopefully they did some more printing before christmas, so I got mine 35€. Go and get yours already.

Anyway, note that Joe Mad left Vigil Games last year. I can’t wait for his next project (some comics about Zelda ? would be awesome).

By the way, I took a break during January, but I’m once again on the tracks ! The new game development started smoothly !
I hope I’ll get something to share soon enough.


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  1. Trizek says:

    Crytek buying a licence with gameplay in it ? What’s wrong with you ?!? Haha just kidding πŸ™‚ But yeah Crytek don’t give a shit about licences, they only care about workforce (They did the same with Freeradical, they bought it but never made a new Timesplitters). I guess Crytek USA will work on a free-to-play ! And I am sure you’re very excited about that idea πŸ™‚

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