A sketch for a boss requested by Chunky :


Chunky wanted a boss firing guided projectiles.

Few things about how I’d imagine the AI :
– It’s a flying machine : moving up and down (few centimeters up, then down smoothly) -> shadow growing and shrinking on the ground accordingly
– Rotating arm to aim
– The pilot press a button before the action is triggered. Different sounds for the different actions (punch or rocket)

If you like it Chunky I’ll make some colored vector animation spritesheets next week.

If other people need assets for non-commercial games, tell me. I’ll help if I can and if I have the time to.


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  1. Chunky says:


    that looks great! thank you… I’ve uploaded a quick video of the basic game
    I made using your sprites (it still needs lots of work, but was way more than required for my uni assignment…) here is the link:

    check it out & tell me what you think buddy… the end of level map section is where Volt ends up… not sure if that might effect you vison of the end boss but I look forward to seeing what you create!!!



    1. Chunky says:

      I forgot to mention..this was created using Visual Studio 2010 all coded in C++


      1. Axel says:

        Great work man !! Thanks a lot for sharing !! 🙂
        What’s the graphic library you used ? OpenGL ?

  2. Chunky says:

    I’m Glad you liked it Axel…. means a lot!! 🙂

    its running with DirectX 10 from a Sprite sheet the same as the background images… I really wanted the Parallax scrolling to add to the overall look of the game & was really happy with how it turned out.

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