Back on Unity


I’ve been thinking about different  ways to make my next game.
Wondering what language I should use, what framework, what tools…

In the end I learnt a lot of stuff having fun with HTML 5. It was great but not decisive enough.
My conclusion is I can’t do games from scratch anymore and regret my choices afterward ! Well, I can do shitty games for sure.
If I want to be efficient I need to stop re-inventing the wheel everytime and rely on great tools such as Unity.

This simple tutorial on Unity 4.3 convinced me to stop doing crap :

Even if I like to code my own stuff, I still can do pluggins for Unity if needed.
Sounds great so let’s make this damn game already.


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  1. Chunky says:

    I look forward to seeing the results here Axel 🙂

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