I went to the ng-europe conference (for 2 days) ! It was nice ! No actually.. It was AWESOME ! First, I’m glad my 1+ year experience as an Angular programmer was more than enough to get the feeling I’m actually quite aware of the best practices and features. Good for self satisfaction ! Then, Angular 1.3 and 2.0 look really interesting. Even if moving from 1.x to 2.0 will be a pain in the a**, we’ll have to because they pointed really pertinent stuff there (controller/directive redundancies, components support under ES6, new router and more). Really, I can’t wait to refactor our app at work [again]. Lol. Talking about refactoring, I’m glad some other people who worked with Angular went through the same steps as me: 1. learning angular 2. making something looking awesome in no time with it but with shitty code 3. learning angular again 4. refactoring (or trashing + starting over) 5. enjoying So I really enjoyed talks about Angular 1.3 and 2.0. But some other presentations were damn interesting as well : Angular, ngAnimate, restAngular, wakandaFirebase, Material design. Some other were nice too and few others didn’t get a single grasp of my attention (too confusing, too detailed, too quick, too unprepared). Hopefully I went with my Surface Pro and my Wacom Feel stylus to kill the time during these presentations !! holy_warrior_wip_3_by_akakwel-d83vtba I had some good time drawing this one during the conference. The Wacom Feel stylus (and its driver for pressure sensitivity of course) + MS Surface Pro (first version) is clearly a nice option if you can’t afford a Cintiq Companion !! Finally, I got some ideas for my next project. I’ll probably be working on a project on a public Github repository using Angular and Firebase. Exciting !


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