American Vampire

I recently bought a comic called “American Vampire Legacy”. Truth is I chosed it only because I like Sean Gordon Murphy’s art work ! But when I started reading it I realized it was a kind of sequel to another  popular comic : American Vampire. I didn’t feel like reading it without knowing the former story, so I stopped and just paid for some American Vampire comics (1 & 2). And I love it !

It’s written by Scott Snyder with contributions from Stephan King, himself ! Rafael Albuquerque and Mateus Santolouco are the artists.

As you guessed, the story is about cute cats and butterflies, of course. Nah.. The title is clear enough. We are dealing with vampires here ! The story starts in 1880 in the US, when a famous and dangerous criminal, Skinner Sweet, gets bitten by a vampire. The thing is he becames a non conventional vampire with new powers, new weaknesses and thus more enemies and more crimes to do ! The comic follows this charismatic character over the years in his journey for vengeance (and pure madness) and follows as well the people who look for him to stop and kill him once for good. But he got a damn tough skin.

This story makes you like a really crazy bastard (and a vampire). Well, you don’t have to like Skinner Sweet. But the story is so crazy, you can barely stop to get mad at him, anyway ! Plus, it’s beautiful ! I like the fact the style is different for each time frame. A part of the story is happening in a “present” while another is a “past”. At least it’s how it is for a great part of what I read so far.  Enjoy !



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  1. Creepy … But I have to read one of these comic! Because of a good graphism and I really love this kind of coloring

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