Gameplay again and again

Yeah, no kidding, that’s the main thing I’ve been doing lately. I’m trying to get something playable with most of the gameplay ideas. Here is a video showing a bit my testing Unity scene. I should be able to show even more soon enough though :

Again, don’t pay attention to the background and the enemies. Both are from the Unity official assets. I’m just using those as placeholders and they won’t be part of the final game. Note that the undying enemy in the middle is just my punching ball for combo testing.

I made a droppable item logic so that enemies drop bonuses. It’s an easy stuff but I’m quite happy with it cause I made it pretty configurable through the editor with customizable properties such as probabilities, dropped items types/counts, bouncing physics, some shiny FX (and so much more). It doesn’t look too bad I think. The yellow orb is is giving the in app “money” (for in app purchases), while the green orb is for restoring character’s life. Finally, the blue orb I didn’t show in the video will be to fill a gauge to trigger super combos.

You probably notice the dash move with blue smoke and trails. The animation itself isn’t polished at all, but the idea is there.. It’s possible to dash to avoid projectiles/enemies. There will be a stamina gauge soon enough limitating the number of dashes you can trigger though.

Then, pressing on the screen (long touch) will trigger the shooting. Nothing much.

Finally, the sword combo mechanic is quite simple for the moment. I just integrated 3 slashes (right, left, vertical). To execute such moves, you have to do touch gestures : draw a right/left diagonal line for a right/left slash, draw a vertical line for a vertical slash. It seems straightforward on the paper, but on an actual phone it’s quite hard to make proper combos without multiple tries.. Maybe I’ll think about ways to make it a bit more casual…
And I’m trying to find a way to force the player to vary the slashes as much as possible, so I’m thinking about some kind of rewards and different impacts on enemies (knocking backward a foe after the vertical slash for example, enabling the player to shoot at it right after). I remember there was such a thing (rewarding logic) in Ninja Gaiden to prevent the player from keeping on repeating the same moves… So yeah, I’m trying to get some inspiration from my favorite games’ and their great mechanics.


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