Proto Map

I’m building a quick and dirty proto map at the moment.

I’m a pure newbie in level design but so far I can say it’s both awesome and painful. “Awesome” because I’m using some Unity features I didn’t use till then and I like what I’m learning (terrain painting, navigation baking..) but “painful” when it comes to actually build something great. At the moment, I’m just building a sandbox where I’ll play with all my game mechanics. But I already feel the pain of building an actual level ! Darn, I’m getting more and more amazed by level designer’s work. I’ll have to study a bit before getting into the levels creation or else I’ll end up insane.


Right now, I’m doing some tests on mobile. It’s working just great. I’m also doing some gameplay twicks thanks to some people testing that for me at work. That’s pretty important to have people testing the gameplay early in the process I think. It’s even more important when you’re building a game all by yourself… I already changed a lot of times the interactivity thanks to that. And now that I compare the current state to what I designed initially I’m glad other people around came up with better ideas.

Btw, Happy new year ! I wish you all the best for 2017 !


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