War Machine

That’s the code name of this boss for now.

But it’s not a Marvel character… Nah… It’s just a (fat) robot cat. Did I mention the enemies will only be cats ? I’m not sure I did but now I guess you know. You’ll be beating cats here and beating cats there. I don’t really know why though. One day I just decided it would be like that and I didn’t change my mind. Anyway, cats are evil. It’s known, right ?


Now, I’ll do the animations ! Darn, I cannot wait to see this big machine hitting the ground with those huge boxing gloves of his ! I already have most of the moves in mind.

I’m quite happy with the time it took me designing and modeling such a simple character. I don’t have much skills and experience in those fields so I feared it would take much longer. But the more I play with Blender, the easier it seems to be. I hope I’ll be able to make a decent quantity of enemies.

In a future post I’ll explain how I organize my work so far. I failed lots of times to do significant progress in my games developement in the past. And one of the main reasons, beside the “lack of motivation”, was definetely my “bad organization”. For this game I decided to make my process a bit more professional (just a bit) for my own visibility. I’m using Kanban method (with Kanbanchi), I’m logging bugs, and I’m pushing everything to my private GitHub repository… It gives some more confidence compared to when I was just rushing blindly in my previous projects.



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