Guitar making

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to build something from scratch out of real materials ? I’m sure you have ! Well, I want to know as well ! So I decided to build a guitar from scratch. No kidding… Wait, I’ll do it, even though it’s not my top priority.

There are so many awesome things to learn in the world, we shouldn’t loose interest when having doubts or facing difficulties ! I think we should just give it a go and face the failures head on ! We learn more from failures than successes anyway, right ? Yeah, you probably guessed already : I’m not too confident about this project… I’m envisioning a great FAILURE.

What I’m talking about here is a long term project. It’s not like my game that is already filling my nights and day breaks. It’s more like something I work on the weekends only and slowly (but surely !).

I already finished one book from Leo Lospennato about “Guitar Design”. And I’m in the middle of his second book about “Guitar Making”. It’s really great and instructive. I’m a damn newbie to everything mentioned it that book. The funny thing is I realized afterward Lospennato is a former software engineer as well.

I’m trying to gather some feedbacks to validate the design before starting ordering the different parts I require.

At the moment, the latest design I’m considaring to build looks like that :


Maybe I’ll make the horns and headstock less straight but you get the idea.

Edit : After some feedbacks, here is a new version (with a less “metal” style) :


Edit 2 :



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