Walking Cat in Unity

Yeah, I integrated it in Unity. I made a pretty simple AI and gave it this toon shader I really fancy.

Talking about AI, I implemented a pretty simple state machine to handle characters behaviours. The thing is the “if & else & switch & case” approach works well for basic logics but when you want to go deep in behaviours it’s definitely a pain and you get a not maintainable code in no time. It’s pretty much known but it’s worth taking the time to get the stuff done properly rather than rushing. And I’m not talking about the Unity animation controller that works well with animation states.

cat_foe_Unity 02.jpg

I was talking about the cat… Yeah, this damn walking cat… I made a cat spawner with a really high spanw rate to have some gun and sword play. Truth is I stopped after few minutes. It was tough when they were all over the place… I then twicked a bit their parameters to make the gameplay a bit more fun and I realised 2 things :

1 – Not being able to shoot while running (at the moment shooting is stopping the movement) reminds me of Resident Evil 4. I hated having to stop to shoot. So I’ll give a try enabling such a thing. I’m still not clear about how I will be able to have distinct animations for the upper and lower body (running and aiming/shooting) of my character. But I have some tricks in mind…

2 – Even if I have plenty of ideas in terms of main character’s attacks and weapons I wouldn’t like to play such a game for long… Even if it’s about walking and beating some cute cats. It’s way too cheap. So I’m adding some platform like gameplay to my todo list. I can’t say more, I need to do some testing !



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