Sword Thrust

The last “basic” move is integrated. It’s the thrust. To trigger the thrust you just have to swipe up.

The thrust has a limited damage zone but enables you to push backward dangerous oponents (before using your gun without arm for example). I made it less powerful than the other slashes due to that side effect.

To sum up, here are the other basic moves :

  • Hammer (swipe down)


The hammer deals more damages than the others but its damage zone is limited.

  • Right and Left slashes (swipe right/left)


The R/L slashes deal medium amount of damages and have a wide damage zone.

Combining all four gives you some basic combos with your fingers !


Note that I turned the trail from white to blue.. I just wanted to have some consistency with the dash. And some guns will fire blue bullets as well, so it’s better that way..


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