Black walking cat

If you saw latest gifs, you probably noticed the introduction of a black cat. Yeah.. I started getting bored of my brown (Teddy Bear like) cat. But I don’t have yet the need  nor the time to model new foes. I will but not just now. So I just altered the brown texture into black (less than 2 mins using the vectorial version) then duplicated my other cat prefab, changed the texture and twicked the strength (5-10 mins) and DONE !

I assume I’ll make each enemy with 4 different skins at least.

My rule n°1 as a solo game maker : RE-USE.

It’s good for both velocity and performances.. Wait.. I didn’t actually concider performances that so far… It’s running well on my device (OnePlus 3) with shadows and everything. I can’t wait to test on other devices.. Later 🙂


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