Super Attacks

I’ve been thinking latelly about this super moves logic… After talking about my concern to a friend of mine, he shared with me the following video which is pretty inspiring :

Even if I’m way too unskilled to do such things (in terms of graphics, animations… well everything actually), it’s still really helpful, believe me.

From that video and my own expectation of the feature I listed the following “must have” list :

  • The character should take a recognizable stance before triggering the actual attack
  • The camera should move and focus on the character
  • The surrounding should be slowed down.
  • FX should be used on the character even before the attack

That’s mainly it, but that what I was missing to get a proper touch.

To be able to trigger a “Super attack” you need to get your red bar filled (gathering red orbs). Then you just need to press a button. I’m using a placeholder for now (I’ll design a proper button later). But I’m still wondering if a button is really the good way. At some point I was thinking about a succession of shapes to draw (square, circle…) evolving based on the power of the attack. I think it would be way too much for a pseudo “casual” game.


Here I’m showing what could be the first unlocked super attack.
Note that the red halo FX on the character is triggered when the red bar is filled.

I’m applying a slow motion when the “Super attack” is triggered. Darn it, “Super attack” is a lame name right ? I feel like I’ve heard it too much. Anyway, here is the slow motion with some enemies :


I’ll think about some other super attacks and list down the whole thing for now. The mechanic is now ready and just waiting for animations and little scripting. Integrating more super attacks should be a piece of cake.

By the way I just made the animation in less than 20 minutes. It’s not polished, it’s glitchy, it’s not with a real physic. But I think I’ll do the whole game the same way. For a cheap mobile game, nobody cares, right ??

Actual animation in Blender (Basic, right ??)

I’m now moving back to my sketch book and modelling in Blender to create some more characters ! Yeah !


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