I said it several times already, I know, but the whole thing gets clearer and clearer each day : There are 3 types of orbs in the game.


  • Yellow orbs = Score/Money. I’ll say more about it in a moment..
  • Green orbs = Life. One green orb is giving back one life point.
  • Red orbs = Super attack. One red orb is filling one slot for the super attacks.

There is no orb for the dash since it’s filling itself automatically.

The yellow orb is the most tricky here. So far, the idea is to gather as many yellow orb as possible during a level and at the end yellow orbs will be converted into blue gems. The blue gems will be the currency for in app purchases. It’s a bit like in several games (such as Rayman Adventures).

Then, I’m introducing the money crates :


It makes the whole thing more consistent. And it makes another type of object to hide and seek in levels !

You probably noticed I added a text to the HUD displaying the count of yellow orbs you got.

After making this short recording. I felt like adding a 45° rotation to the default crate positions. This alignement was too strict… Even with the perspective I felt like it was not easy to understand their shapes.


Yup. I feel better now.

Did just I mention using crates for “hide and seek” ? Yeah, I did. And the reason is, I introduced a feature I required for that ! It’s both for gameplay smoothness and for actual exploration surprises. You’ll understand what I mean with my following post !


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