“Din” walk cycle

Here comes my walk cycle for my first NPC, code name “Din”. I suck with naming characters, really. I just named the files with the first random things that come to my mind. So in the future any name may change. Here, after a quick search “Din” means “religion” in arabic. Haha. But Din is also the goddess of power in Zelda ! Now I feel like it’s a reference to Zelda. Darn.

I’ll use this character for the tutorials. He will be teaching the player the moves. I design this character thinking it would be kind of kid though.


The texturing is still not to my taste (especially the brown/pink part) but I’ll let the time give me more inspiration !

I had some much fun animating the clothes !! I didn’t expect that. I did a video of the weight painting (after rigging) and the animation creation in Blender. I’ll do some editing in iMovie later in the day and upload that here. You’ll see how hard it was for a newbie like me. Haha. The weight painting with the clothes was a first, and it was a pain 🙂


It’s not exactly the same but it’ll do like this…




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