Din in Unity

I just imported my NPC Din and his animations in my Unity project. I applied the shadowless toon shader I’m using for the game and looks not too bad I think !


I won’t start working on dialogs and promps just yet. Here I mainly wanted to play again with Blender and this character was already sketched. That’s it. In addition, the “story telling” thing being at the moment still unclear I cannot afford spending too much time on it already. Let’s focus.


I’ll now come back to some battle experience. First I’ll add some combo feedbacks (2D text encouraging the player to continue). I’m thinking about a “critical” strike that could be realized in some circumstances (combos ?), such as a critical gun shot when firing right after a sword thrust or a strong slash right after a sequence of 4 different slashes. Sounds nice. Then maybe, I can do something like : the more combos you do, the more orbs you get (a bit like in Ninja Gaiden ?). Yeah right. There are so many things I could do but I feel like THE awesome idea is still not there. I’ll keep looking for it till I find it though 🙂

So as I said, for now, I put Din aside. But he’ll be back as soon as my view on “story telling” gets clear. And I guess once the game is released I’ll make it as a sellable playable character. Wait, that’s the far-far future, right ? Will it even come to that, you ask ? Just you wait !



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