Rubic recycling

Today I started designing door mechanisms for my game. There will be moments where you’ll have to find a switch to open a given door to continue your adventure. At some point I thought a basic switch would make it way too boring if repeated. I also plan ot use some other ways to open doors such as this block moving mini game I showed before.

But the most interesting idea I had today is probably the recycling of Rubic, my previous game. It was a minimalist game I coded for fun with just one hand. LOL. True story. But it was nothing like a stupid challenge… I did that on sick leaves after breaking my wrist. Hahaha. Anyway, this game was a failure. It didn’t have any economic model, and while I managed to get some advertisments for OrsCoL (another puzzle game), I did nothing for Rubic. Plus I released it on Android only and I guess only my close friends played it.

It got nice reviews (even if few) and I do really like this basic game nonetheless.

Since the whole thing is already implemented and working, I’m thinking to integrate that as a puzzle game to open doors. Sound great to me and the cost of it is almost 0 since I did this game with Unity as well. Even with Unity 5 it’s still up and running. And if I manage to get this rabbit game on the market I’ll re-release a version of Rubic as well I guess. But for now, just integrating it would be great enough.

Well, I added that to my ever-growing backlog… Awesome.


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