A cat’s gun


Yeah, I’m trying to design my first enemy with a gun. The mesh will be the same as the walking cat but with new animations and new AI.

But before that I’m taking some time to design his gun. One of my friends asked me to record my screen anytime I’m in such a designing process so that I can share the video. It does sound like a great idea… I never thought about that, really. So here comes the first video I just recorded while sketching the gun I’m thinking to give to this cat.

Looks like a futuristic gun, huh ? Hopefully ! I’m still writting some “story telling” ideas, but most likely the cats will be invaders from a different planet. Well that will make the usage of my Cat Machine easier… This one :


In addition, having a futuristic setting means I can really mix a huge variety of assets. Great !

I mentioned in a previous post I would share some videos about my NPC Din making in Blender. But afterall the video is a mess and I’m too lazy to edit it, so I’ll make another recording next time I create a character.


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