Gun Refactoring Done !

As I said in a previous post I’m refactoring the code I did for the weapons. The previous implementation was more like a proof of concept for the gameplay. The guns are now part of a player inventory and you just need to specify the right gun ID and the right prefab will be loaded and attached to the left hand bone.

A gun is defined with a mesh with a dedicated script attached requiring a muzzle FX prefab, a projectile prefab, and finally floats for damages per bullet and fire rate. That’s it. I did the try with the gun I just created.



Then I added some fancy FXs…


I already have tones of FX thanks to some Unity store assets. And due to my latest gun modeling experiment I know I cannot go far by myself on weapon designing. It would take me ages to get something I’m satisfied with. So far it’s far from good…

I’ll still give another chance to gun texturing later but let’s assume it’s something I’ll get from stores for now. There are plenty of free materials that could spare me some time. It will be the same for swords !

Let’s refactor the sword logic now.


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