Enemy spawns

I did say in the past that the game would be organized with battle waves.. There will be dedicated locations for battles so that you need to clear a zone before being able to move forward. Then the difficulty here is to spawn enemies without seing them popping on the screen. Classic !

While trying to figure out what could be a “generic” way to solve that I imagined the following approach :

Cat spawning.jpg

From time to time, cats will be spawning after a crash of a space capsule. Now that I know the story is about cats invading from space, that’s pretty convenient.

I then designed a capsule in Blender. It’s a shame but I lost the recording of the whole thing… No kidding… At the end of the recording I clicked “Cancel” instead of “Stop”….. EPIC FAIL. I feel like it’s actually more a design failure of the software I used itself (ShareX) than a failure from me.. Right ? RIIIGHT ?

Anyway, here is my cat space capsule in Blender :


It’s a basic cylinder with few extrusions, a hole as a door and.. That’s it. It was darn easy !

Truth is I was looking for a free model for that on the web. I found this one on CGTrader.com :


I didn’t feel like paying the 7.50$ required to get it though : Check it on CGTrader

But as you can tell, it served as a reference…

After importing the capsule in Unity :

Now the plan is to make this capsule fall and crash with a camera shake, dust and fire before the cat gets out. Can’t wait to see that live ! After that I’ll implement the actual wave logic and then add new enemies.


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