Battle sequence


The battle waves mechanism is now ready !

The player has to clear a zone before being able to continue the adventure. It enables me to design the levels without thinking about mechanics conflicts such as mini game while enemies are there, jumping while enemies are there and so on. On the other hand it means I can have specific musics for battle and exploration. If you played Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) or Red Steel 2 (Wii), that’s kind of the same idea.


As you can see purple walls are “popping” when you enter a battle zone and disapear when you are done. They are made to restrict the player to the zone. Maybe I’ll add some animations later (fade or translation) but it does the job for now.

The animation I’m showing here only has 1 enemy wave containing 2 cats (one spawn more delayed than the other). But I could just have more waves (each wave is triggered once all the enemies of the previous are dead). And the battle is completed when all waves are completed. For example, the last wave of a battle could be something like a “boss”.

Note that I used the capsule spawner with a different cat. I already like this spawning style !


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