Back to work !


I’m back from vacation ! I went to Croatia and Bosnia ! I recommend ! It was beautiful !!

But it’s now time to get back to work.

I played a bit with the current features the last week and I’m pretty satisfied of most of the work done so far. I still feel like the combos are way too basic but it’s meant to be a casual game anyway.

My plan is now to work on some more enemies :

  • Gunner cat : Shooting from afar and taking cover from time to time (I implemented that once for a game on Wii…)
  • Armored cat : Taking no damage from gun until his armor is broken – Require to use the sword.
  • Armored gunner cat : Mix of previous enemies – Requires to use the sword.
  • Shielded cat : Taking no damage from gun nor sword until his shield is aside – Require to use the dash to lower the shield.

Then I’ll just have different colors matching different strength.

There will be bosses too, huh ? And most likely I’ll recycle them too.


Yeah, I still have plenty of things to do !! But everything is do-able and my motivation is still up, so let’s get going !! 🙂


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