I’m still working on that “jet pack” mode !

I just completed the integration of the character’s gun as the weapon of the jet pack. It means the weapon used here is the same used in the normal mode ! I hope it makes sense! My plan is to make the player “pay” to get better weapons and the jet pack sequences should also benefit from that. Note that here the fire rate is really poor.. It’s because the gun I use is a basic one (probably the first of the game).

I’m also done with the infinite scrolling ! I made it so I can fill some prefabs and it will mix it and scroll properly. I can have multiple layers, and I will (for clouds especially).
Here I just did placeholder prefabs. Hopefully I’ll take some time later to have a proper landscape.

The landscape view is probably not suitable in this mode as it is now. But I’ll still let the player decide how he wants to play it.


Now let’s destroy some foes !


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